The joy of children’s parties reaches fever pitch at around age 5, but most party games can be adapted to suit toddlers and older children. Throw in a little imagination and even the most classic party games can be adapted to suit your child’s party theme, number of children present, and ages. Here are the Sitters 5 Best Party Games for Kids.

1. Pass the Parcel

Starting with an old classic, this one actually works best in the middle of the party, perhaps when you’re hoping for stationary kids whilst the grown-ups lay the table. The beauty of pass the parcel is it is familiar, easily learned by the smallest party guests, and keeps rapt attention. Make sure every layer has a sweet or treat, and for older kids consider popping in some amusing forfeits too. Don’t forget to keep a track of who’s had a turn.

2. Duck, Duck, Goose

Best if you’ve got a little space, Duck, Duck, Goose can be interpreted to pretty much any theme you’ve got. Imagine Woody, Woody, Buzz for Toy Story fans, or Elsa, Elsa, Anna for a Frozen themed affair, or Marshall, Marshall, Chase for a currently popular Paw Patrol Party. Seat the children in a nicely spaced circle and follow the rules here. This game is popular for children from 2 to 12, so a huge hit.

3. The Chocolate

GameSuitable for ages 5 and up, this game causes excitement ricocheting off the scale! Children sit around a board with an unwrapped large bar of chocolate. They then take turns rolling a dice until someone rolls 6. As soon as a child rolls 6 then have to don hat, scarf, gloves, and begin cutting and eating the chocolate using a knife and fork. The other children continue rolling the dice, and the moment another child rolls 6 the previous ‘eater’ must stop, and it’s the new child’s turn to dress up and continue.

4. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Another party game that can be adapted to suit your theme is the old classic ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’. You can Pin the Nose on Olaf, Pin the Star on Captain America’s Shield, or Pin the Scar on Harry Potter. Simply make sure you are armed with a blindfold (Dad’s tie works well). Of course, you can always get the classic version of the game if you prefer.

5. Sleeping Lions

If excitement is getting a little out of control, and there’s more frantic crowd control than fun, then it might be time for a round or two of Sleeping Lions. Watch as your herd of marauding elephants, a.k.a. party guests, transform in to motionless silent cute slumberers. The aim of the game is to remain motionless even with the adult walking around, and perhaps telling jokes. Anyone who itches, wriggles or giggles is out – reward with a sweet. Winner is the one who stays still the longest.

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